Online registration

Online registration is the basis for the smooth running of all competitions. Errors are avoided and the waiting time when issuing numbers is reduced.

We recommend full registration on our website, which allows you to quickly assign yourself to the next competitions without the time-consuming filling up forms. Registration data can be updated. A list of competitions in which the registered person participated is available.

It is also possible to enroll in the competition without registering on the website. After registering for the selected competition, the list is updated automatically.

Internet payments

We have implemented an internet payment system. With it, competition fees are booked almost immediately. The competition organizer is relieved of the time-consuming monitoring of payments. The payment information appears on our website almost immediately.

Payments are made by the company , which provides "on-line bank transfer" and card payments. The ordering party decides about the payment system.

Snow sports

We provide photocell measurement of time at ski, snowboard and toboggan competitions.

Our equipment (TAGHeuerALGE) allows you to service FIS competition, where you need backup and software to send results to FIS.

We measure time in parallel competitions.

The LIVE variant is possible - where the results are available live on devices with internet access.

We provide full service for ski competitions - from route booking, slalom setting, number rental, conducting competitions, to giving away prizes.

In running competitions, time measurement can be carried out as an individual or from a common start. Then we use one of the systems - either active (returnable) or passive (non-returnable) chips.


Downhill, uphill, enduro, 4X, individual time trial, are competitions supported in the photocell system, where each competitor turns on his own time and turns it off himself, and there are few competitors at the same time.

MTB, races - these are competitions that we support using chips (passive or active). If you use non-returnable passive transponders from Chronotrack, LIVE results are available on the internet.


Running competitions are served using chips. Our service includes:

  • registration of players,
  • providing t-pay internet payments (quick transfer),
  • preview of the list of people reported including the state of payment,
  • printing of numbers (synthetic paper),
  • time measurement on Chronotrack or Chronolec equipment (active chips),
  • developing results and placing them on the website.

It is possible to use the LIVE option on the chronotrack chips and send an SMS with the result.

We have passive chips inserted into the number or attached to the shoe. The chips are non-returnable.

The price of the service depends, among others from the scope of service, on the type of used chips, the number of measuring lines. The prices are set according to individual orders.

We support Triathlon on active - feedback chips.

Motor Sports

The scope of the service is the measurement of time during races and rallies.

We also measure time during 1/4 mile races, including reaction time.


Photocell and chip time measurement - information